My actual greatest fears are coming true...

The Supreme Court of the United States is about to become wildly out of balance.

This news about Anthony Kennedy's retirement from SCOTUS is huge–probably the biggest news since election day 2016. Not only that, it's EXACTLY the thing that concerned me the most about the idea of a Trump presidency... (I even wrote about it in the days following the election). As of the day that Kennedy's spot is filled, it's a virtual certainty that my life as a minority (and the lives of essentially all other minorities) will be impacted for GENERATIONS to come. Literally decades. I'll probably be close to retirement before there's any chance of what's about to happen being undone.

This article from Ari Ezra Waldman at Towleroad pretty much sums up my feelings of anger, fear, and despair that I've felt since November 2016. When living with any kind of static pain for an extended period, I feel like it's normal for that pain to become kind dull and fuzzy after enough time. It kind of fades into a mild depression – though, maybe that's just speaking for myself. But Kennedy's retirement is quickly bringing it back into sharp relief.

After he is replaced (assuming a Trump nominee makes it through), every branch of government will be actively hostile against anyone who isn't a straight, white, Christian male. That's not hyperbole, either, and it's not an exaggeration for the sake of colorful argument. It's 100% fact. That hostility might vary in intensity depending upon which minority group you compare, but it's still truth.

Cynical congratulations.

So I guess the cynic in me admits that some congratulations might be in order. To all you straight white christians who can't stand losing the complete control you've historically had over this country:

Congrats. You did it. You fucked up the lives of those less fortunate than you. You even made it so no one can undo it for generations to come! Well done. Your selfish, archaic, and unwaveringly small worldview has prevailed over the progressive agenda. Once again, your privilege and power is safely secure for the foreseeable future.

How about the rest of you?

To the rest of you, how do you feel about this? Are you upset by the news? Are you at all moved (or affected) by the context I've laid out here? Do you wish you could do something to make a difference?

Well there are definitely things you can do. Firstly, I'm running a Facebook donation campaign for The Trevor Project until July 31, 2018. A donation won't change the outcome of the SCOTUS situation, but it might save some lives of young kids who are struggling to find acceptance in this turbulent world.

As I write this, in a heartwarming and unexpected turn of events, this fundraising campaign quickly broke my initial $200 goal (within three hours, actually)! Being there's still a full five weeks left before the end of the campaign, I've raised the goal a bit. This money is going to a legitimately lifesaving cause, so don't let the fact that an arbitrary goal was met dissuade you from considering a donation. :)

If you're reading this after July 31, a donation directly to The Trevor Project is never a bad thing!

Long-term, though, the most effective thing we can do is VOTE. Please vote with the courts in mind. Policy decisions can be short-lived. Supreme Court decisions, can be lifelong.

November 6, 2018: Get to the polls!