Redditor's emotional story about reuniting with his long-lost brother

Today I came across this story told by Redditor "throwaway4620048486". The entire thing has been unfolding over the past few months -- and spans multiple posts. Here's an aggregation of the posts. It's quite the emotional roller coaster, but it has such a beautiful ending that I couldn't help but share it. Just note that the negative emotions do run high in the middle of the story, so if you're put off by profanity or someone that might be easily offended, then maybe skip the middle part...

The original poster is actively responding to comments, so do go to the provided source links if you're interested in those discussions. I'll try to keep an eye out for any future updates that "throwaway4620048486" might post. If he does, I'll include them here.

I think I know what happened to my brother. from offmychest

My parents kept my brother a secret from me from offmychest

I met my brother that was "missing"! from offmychest

UPDATE: Six months later.